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    Power supply

    How do you choose a Power Supply?

    A Power Supply should be chosen by looking at the operating voltage and the maximum power you require.
    Example : You have a piece of equipment which has a voltage of 12v (voltage = U) and it consumes 5ah (intensity = I) or a power of 60w (Power = P) P= U x I. In our example 60 = 5 x 12.
    You should therefore choose a minimum power supply of 12v and 5ah. If this is not available, you can choose a power supply more powerful with the same output voltage, eg 12v and 10ah.

    Please note that you should not under power the power supply.


    We offer 2 types of the power supply:

    - One is standard and consists principally of a transformer, which offers very good stability and voltage but isn’t compatible with countries outside of the EU.

    - The other is electronic, it has the advantages of being light, compact and an adaptable voltage and frequency for all countries inside and outside the EU.

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