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    A technical team works every day on product tests with a dedicated equipment in our testing laboratory.



    Testing Laboratory


    Using a specialised laboratory we have the ability to test and control the quality of the products that we sell.


    We can perform a range of tests on the products available on our website and the products that we are currently developing to ensure that they will work in the various conditions that the products may be required for.


    These tests are performed using high-tech equipment. We have several Arbin BT2000 benches which are used by the large European Battery manufacturers.

    As well as a climate chamber to perform tests in.

    Climate chamber
    Climate Chamber



    Quality Tests


    These benches allow us to perform tests where we charge and discharge the batteries.

    The bench records data in real time (resolution: millesecond). It records all the changes in energy, voltage and incoming and outgoing current. It also records the amount of electricity required for your device.


    The tests can be conducted for all operating conditions of your product: charging / discharging under a fixed or variable current or voltage and for different temporal patterns: continuous or sequential.

    The cycles allow us to check the lifetime of the battery and the capacity specified by the manufacturer for a system of charging and discharging indicated by it.

    The Climate Chamber can reproduce the climate conditions of a particular country.


    Arbin Bench BT2000
    Arbin Bench BT2000

    By establishing the conditions that the battery will be used in, the tests allow us to understand if you have chosen the correct technology and capacity to operate your equipment.


    We regularly undertake comparison tests between different suppliers.

    We test many batteries at the same time because our benches have several ways of testing and are controlled (unitarily) independently by a computer.


    Our Arbin benches accept charging and discharging currents between 1 milliAmpere and 60 Amperes, the input and output voltages comprise of between 0 and 30 Volts.

    The charges and discharges are continuous, discontinuous or temporary.

    The resolution of the pulses (alternative procedure) is of the order of a millisecond.

    All the data is recorded in real time and allows us to plot it on a graph via an Excel Spreadsheet.

    The Climate Chamber allows us to carry out tests between -40°C and +140°C.