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    Know How


    Enix Energies is able to analyse your requirements and propose a power supply solution. We can assist in the project planning stage with technical support, through design of prototypes to final production and can also offer assistance with the after sales marketing of your product.





    Our methodology is simple, efficient and fast:

    1. We define your requirements for bespoke power supply using our specification sheet.

    2. We will finalise the requirements of the proposed power supply.

    3. We can simulate the applicability of the product using laboratory testing (generating performance curves). Then, we can produce prototypes for customer validation.

    4. We are able to supply a sample to the customer along with the results of the laborarory testing (performance of the product).

    5. We will manufacture and assemble your bespoke power supply either for preproduction or production in one of our manufacturing units in Great Britain, France and in Tunisia.


    You can contact us at any stage of the developement process for assistance.


    Download our product development.





    The requirement for varied energy solutions has increased in recent years. Our OEM Department can answer these demands for batteries, chargers and power supply:


    Electric light vehicle:
    Monobloc Cyclon Pack Pure Lead
    Air transport:
    Specific Cyclon Pack Pure Lead
    Home Entertainment Systems:
    Electric light vehicle
    Air transport
    Home Entertainment Systems
    Go Karts:
    Pure Lead Genesis EP
    External equipment:
    Lead Acid Battery AGM
    Rechargeable li-ion Polymer Pack
    Go Karts
    External equipment
    Primary Lithium Pack & ion Rechargeable
    Signage Systems:
    Monobloc Cyclon Pack Pure Lead
    Military equipment :
    Li-ion Polymer Pack
    Signage Systems
    Military equipment