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    Prototype Workshop


    Enix Energies has three specially adapted workshops designed to deal with each order as quickly as possible.





    Our 3 factories (England, France and Tunisia) enable us to deal with your specific requests within a minimum time, whether is just for a prototype or a mass production.


    Private labelling (under your brand and your own packaging), moulding, potting and assembling power packs to your specifications is what we do best. Our expertise spreads across a broad range of industries including robotics, telecom, the medical industry, gas detection, instrumentation, surveillance, police and military operations, the drilling industry...


    The most popular assemblies are built in advance and stored to guarantee fast supply.



    Bespoke solution


    Meeting your battery requirements as quickly as possible:

    Our engineering division, together with your research department if necessary, can analyse your requirements and create a solution with the appropriate prototypes for testing.  We can then manufacture and assemble your pre-series and series requirements.



     After a technical diagnosis we can 'reconstruct' or 'recondition' a product which is no longer produced.



    3D design process


    Bespoke construction

    3D design process
    Bespoke construction