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Sealed lead acid: Spiral-wound

A sealed battery is equipped with a system that prevents evaporation. These batteries do not need to be filled before use and are maintenance free. They can be transported by air freight but can still be hazardous in the event of breakage (the acid will leak). Dedicated to special high current applications with a wide temperature range, this technology is still a niche market exclusively for industrial use.

This structure is described as spiral-wound: it contains two flat, thin, rectangular electrodes with the electrolyte, separator and insulation, which are rolled up on themselves. The resulting cylindrical form is inserted into a metal casing. This sealed cell is equipped with a pressure relief valve under the central contact to allow carbon dioxide to escape. The volume to capacity ratio is about 30% and it is possible to draw a strong usage current from this cell.



Sealed lead acid: Spiral-wound NX

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