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    Who are we?


    ENIX ENERGIES is an international group operational on the battery market for over 25 years.



    ENIX ENERGIES stands with big names in the industry and more widely in the specialised distribution of batteries, primary cells, rechargeable batteries, chargers and power supplies.

    Already a leader in the industry in France, ENIX ENERGIES strives every day to guarantee you optimal service.


    Our major asset: we own and control our logistics centre where all of our stock is store.  All part numbers in current use on the European market are kept in permanent stock in this warehouse.






    Team at your service


    A team at your service


    Your personal account manager, experienced in your field, will be able to bring you specialised responses and personalised advice before, during and after your purchases.  

    Take advantage of our technical experience in technologies as diverse as alkaline, NiMH, NiCd, lead, lithium and many more.


    Contact an account manager:

    Wholesale account manager     OEM account manager


    Best product


    The best product range


    ENIX ENERGIES works alongside you to offer the best possible product range:

    - manufacturers of our own brand, NX, to ensure quality at the best price.

    - distributors of leading autonomous energy brands.

    - manufacturers of your custom-designed battery packs and/or reconditioning of packs which are no longer available.




    Price guarantee


    All of our prices are regularly updated according to the flux of our raw materials costs to offer you the best price available.



    Sales manager


    It's easy to order!


    There are several ways to order:

    - Fax : 0845 602 5675

     - Telephone : 0845 602 5562 (Monday to Friday)

    - E-mail:

    - Post: Unit 2 Focus Park, Ashbourne way, Solihull, B90 4QU - ENGLAND




    Premium delivery options (excluding packs and custom-built products)


    Choose the delivery method which suits you:

    - Delivery in 3-5 working days

    - Free for orders over £150

    - Multi-site delivery available



    Satisfaction guarantee


    Satisfaction guarantee


    Our products all have a manufacturer's guarantee in addition to our own quality control carried out in our distribution centres.

    If, despite these precautions, you are not completely satisfied, we will do our utmost to exchange your products as quickly as possible.