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Open lead starter batteries

Open lead starter batteries are usually used for combustion engines that need to supply a large starting capacity for limited amount of time. The large quantity of flat, thin plates reduces the internal resistance and offers a large active surface area for electrochemical reactions which allows for strong discharges over a very short period. Open lead batteries are not watertight. The liquid inside evaporates gradually so it is necessary to check the levels regularly and, if necessary, top it up with distilled water.
Fields of use: Starter battery for cars, lorries, boats and motorcycles; traction batteries, and industrial uses.

In terms of electrical characteristics, this battery's nominal voltage is 2V, its charging voltage is 2.45V and its maximum discharge voltage is 1.9V. Its working temperature ranges between -40°C and 60°C and it can be stored between -20°C and 35°C. Its rate of self-discharge is 5% per month at 25°C and this battery can supply up to 2000 cycles. These batteries must be recharged every 6 months and are only made in a rectangular format.



Open lead starter batteries NX

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