Our three production units:

Prototype production unit:
This workshop is situated in St. Egrève in the suburbs of Grenoble, France. There are 3 people who work year round on the production of the prototypes which will then become part of the range of NX products. This production team works in close collaboration with the Enix Power Solutions team, the group’s on-site research and development department. Designing a battery can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months and nowadays requires a growing depth of expertise in electronics. In order to master these new challenges and remain a market leader in battery design, we formed a strong partnership with Enerstone, a start-up company in France. This gave us access to a patented active BMS solution and an R&D department specialised in micro-electronics. This synergy of skills allows us to have a hub of expertise capable of taking on any technical project, no matter in the size.

Medium-scale production unit:
This workshop is situated in Solihull (UK) in the outskirts of Birmingham. This unit, which specialises in the lithium technology, has 15 staff. Our current demand levels and broad customer base guarantee this workshop a large production volume which covers the fixed costs and guarantees economies of scale which are rapidly recoverable on production runs of at least 100 pieces. Daily contact between our site here in the UK and the logistics centre in Lyon helps us to avoid the consequences of decentralisation and enables us to offer an attractive manufacturing and delivery lead time. The move in 2016 allowed us to double our production area and to quadruple our stores area. Our component stores have thus been optimised so that production runs are less dependent on restocking.

Large-scale production site:
This workshop is situated in Tunis, Tunisia. This dedicated large-scale production site has 30 staff. All of the products which are built on this workshop’s assembly lines were received ahead of time from our prototype workshop where the job card and test card were created at the end of the line. The group’s technical management ensures uniformity of assembly processes between workshops, integrity of testing and analysis of non-conformances. The geographic location of this workshop allows us to provide our partners with finished products within a short lead time (in comparison to China) at very competitive prices.

Assembly workshop

Our 3 assembly sites in France (St. Egrève), England (Solihull) and Tunisia (Tunis) allow us to process your special requests with a minimal lead time.

Be it private-label products (possibility to create your own brand or customise your products), building moulds, assembly of shrink wrapped packs, flange packs etc; we are available to help with your projects and your development in fields as diverse as defence, research, aerospace, telecommunications, electronic money products, home automation or automatism.

The most popular packs are built in advance and held in stock to guarantee maximum reactivity.

Our bespoke solution

Enix Energies offers bespoke solutions to meet your portable power needs as early as practicable.

Our engineering department analyses your need on your behalf or in conjunction with your research and development department and proposes a solution with prototypes for your validation. We then complete your pre-production and full production runs.

Enix Energies offers a refurbishment service. After assessment by our technicians, we can “reconstruct” or “rebuild” a product which is no longer on the market.