A team of engineers and technicians carries out product testing on a daily basis in our labs using a full set of equipment to guarantee the quality of our products.

Test laboratory
We have a test laboratory which allows us to check the quality of the products we sell. Our knowledge is at your disposal.

We can carry out tests of every kind, in all possible usage conditions, for all of the technologies available from our website but also for new, developing technologies.

These tests are carried out on high tech equipment. We possess several Arbin BT2000 test benches. These are the same benches that the biggest European battery manufacturers themselves use. We also have a climatic chamber to carry out tests at different temperatures.

Test quality
The test benches allow us to test how rechargeable batteries charge and discharge or how non-rechargeable batteries discharge. The test bench records all of the variations in energy (via an energy meter), voltage, and input and output current in real time (to the millisecond). It also records your device’s energy requirements.

Tests can be carried out under every possible working condition to which your product could be subjected: charge/discharge with a fixed or variable current, with a fixed or variable voltage and for different temporal rhythms (continuous or sequential). The cycles help us to check the battery’s lifespan and the capacity indicated by the manufacturer for their advised charging regime. The climatic chamber makes it possible to reproduce a country’s climatic conditions.

These tests allow you to see if you have chosen the right technology and capacity to power your product. Generally speaking, we use the specifications necessary for your product to function to determine for ourselves which tests need to be done.

We regularly carry out comparative tests between different suppliers. We test several batteries at the same time as our test benches have several test compartments which are controlled (individually) independently by computer software.

Our Arbin test benches accept charge and discharge currents between 1mA and 60A, and input and output voltages of 0V to 30V. Charging/discharging is carried out on a continuous, intermittent or temporary basis. The resolution of the pulses (alternative regime) is of the order of milliseconds. All of this data is recorded in real time and can be graphically presented via an Excel spreadsheet. The climatic chamber allows us to carry out tests between –40°C and 140°C.