Who are we?


An international group on the European battery market for over 30 years.


Enix Energies works with the big names in specialist distribution across their entire range of batteries and chargers. Today, as a key player in the UK and France in the field of portable power, Enix Energies works every day to guarantee you optimum service.

Your dedicated account manager, a specialist in your field, will assist you in your sales process, giving you appropriate answers and personalised advice. As they are office-based, your technically trained account manager is readily available to provide competent assistance and practical information.

Our technical expertise covers all the available technologies from the traditional alkaline, NiMH, NiCd, AGM lead acid, and lithium-ion technologies to the new and innovative technologies like Lead Crystal and lithium iron phosphate.

An innovative vision for our product range:

  •  As battery manufacturers we are able to build bespoke products and/or to adapt to a short restocking lead time when you need flexibility and responsiveness. The rigorous requirements of our end-of-line quality control tests, which serve as the criteria for receiving the NX label, guarantee a level of quality suitable for the most demanding industries on the market.
  • Our status as key importers and distributors of the leading brands in both the UK and France along with their bordering countries enabled us to build partnerships with other key manufactures and distribute their products throughout Europe.

Our dedicated battery logistics centre was designed to meet the storage constraints specific to this type of product. The products used on the European market are permanently held in stock in our depot in the south of Lyon to guarantee immediate availability. We comply with CDG (Carriage of Dangerous Goods) regulations throughout our process to guarantee complete security and risk management.

ISO 9001 certified since 2009, the process of continuous improvement is anchored in our modes of operation. Our methods, tools and approach are structured to assist our clients in the long term no matter how they change.

ISO 14001 certified since 2011, we shoulder our responsibility to manage our environmental footprint given the toxic, dangerous nature of the products that we manufacture and sell. The consolidation of containers, use of water rather than road transport and the large investments in recoverable technologies such as lead acid and rechargeable batteries (NX Ready), and low consumption technologies like LED are practical company decisions that show our willingness to do this.