Duracell is a world leading manufacturer of high-performance alkaline batteries in common sizes (AA, AAA, C, D, 9V and 4.5V) for both consumer and industrial applications. The new Procell range offers a new design, improved performance and more power for longer. Procell batteries have been tested in different environments to ensure reliable, consistent performance.

Procell Batteries

  • Improved performance (up to +11%)
  • Wider range of operating temperatures: -20ºC to +54ºC
  • Longer lifespan: optimal performance even after 7 years of storage
  • Improved quality and design

A Dual Portfolio

Your devices have different energy requirements. Duracell discovered that by creating device-specific batteries, battery life could be significantly extended, leading to lower replacement costs for businesses and increased profitability. The new Procell range therefore includes the Procell General Purpose range (black and grey) and the Procell Intense Power range (black and red). The Procell GP range is designed for general purpose applications whereas the Procell Intense Power range is designed for high-drain applications. The Duracell Procell range also includes the Procell High Power Lithium 123 battery.

Enix Energies is a specialist in the supply of batteries to resellers, distributors and wholesalers and offers a large choice of world leading brands such as Duracell Procell. Our dedicated sales team can not only offer you the best quality items, but also the right quantity for all your needs. The new and improved Duracell Procell range is now available for you to purchase in boxes of 10, cartons, pallets or bulk quantitites.

Duracell Procell AA batteries AA LR6 PC1500 1.5V 3.0Ah 50.5 x 14.5mm Box of 10 PCA2470
Box of 638 PCA2474
Pallet On request
Duracell Procell AAA batteries AAA LR03 PC2400 1.5V 1.2Ah 44.5 x 10.5mm Box of 10 PCA2471
Box of 1190 PCA2475
Pallet On request
Duracell Procell C batteries C LR14 PC1400 1.5V 8.1Ah 50 x 26.2m Box of 10 PCA2472

Box of 204 PCA2476
Pallet On request
Duracell Procell D batteries D LR20 PC1300 1.5V 15.4Ah 61.5 x 34.2mm Box of 10 PCA2473
Box of 100 PCA2477
Pallet On request
Duracell Procell 9V batteries 9V 6LR61 PC1604 9V 0.65Ah 26.5 x 17.5 x 48.5mm Box of 10 PRA2416
Box of 210 PRA2417
Pallet On request
Duracell Procell 4.5V battery 4.5V 3LR12 PC1203 4.5V 5.4Ah 62 x 22 x 67mm Box of 10 PRA2418
Pallet On request
Duracell Procell CR123 Lithium battery CR123A
CR123A PC123 3V 1.55Ah 14.5 x 17mm Box of 10 PCL2409
Box of 1200 PCL2410
Duracell Procell Intense AA battery AA LR6 PX1500 1.5V 3.112Ah 50 x 14mm Box of 10 PCA2480
Box of 638 PCA2484
Pallet On request
Duracell Procell Intense AAA battery AAA LR03 PX2400 1.5V 1.236Ah 44 x 10mm Box of 10 PCA2481
Box of 1200 PCA2485
Pallet On request
Duracell Procell Intense C battery C LR14 PX1400 1.5V 7.93Ah 49 x 25mm Box of 10 PCA2482
Box of 204 PCA2486
Pallet On request
Duracell Procell D battery D LR20 PX1300 1.5V 15.66Ah 60 x 33mm Box of 10 PCA2483
Box of 100 PCA2487
Pallet On request
Duracell Procell Intense 9V battery 9V 6LR61 PX1604 9V 6.28Ah 26.2 x 17.0 x 48.0mm Box of 10 PRA2419
Box of 210 PRA2420
Pallet On request

Duracell Procell batteries are designed for industrial applications including:

  • Remote controls
  • Alarm keypads
  • Sensors
  • Wireless devices
  • Smoke alarms
  • Carbon dioxide detectors
  • Medical equipment
  • Measuring devices

Enix Energies is proud to be an Official Duracell Distributor. If you would like more information about the Duracell Procell range or wish to place an order, please contact us via our contact form.