Enix Energies: Leading Wholesale Battery Supplier

Enix Energies works exclusively with resellers, distributors and wholesalers. Our technical sales executives, themselves industry specialists, are based in Solihull, UK. Our team is available to offer a personalised service equipped with all the technical knowledge they need to offer you a solution, a suitable product, a lead time and price for your customers.

Contact us if you have any questions, to request a quotation or to create an online wholesaler account!

Sales Manager

Chris O’Brien chris.obrien@enix-energies.com

Tel: 0121 506 8611


Rhian Mandell  – rhian.mandell@enix-energies.com

Tel:  0121 506 8614


Richard Pitt  – richard.pitt@enix-energies.com

Tel: 0121 506 8622


Jack Wooldridge jack.wooldridge@enix-energies.com

Tel: 04 76 75 39 37

Receive a personalised offer consistent with your needs along with sales tools (our catalogue, spec sheets and POS material) to help you increase your turnover.

Our regular, direct contact with you ensures excellent communication and follow-up allowing you to focus on your core business: you control your deliveries and purchase volumes without ending up with overstock.