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Lithium rechargeable batteries

Batteries which can be recharged are known as accumulators. These are electrochemical accumulators whose reaction is based on the lithium element. Since the 2000s, accumulators have offered the greatest specific energy (energy to mass ratio) and the greatest energy density (energy to volume ratio). A lithium cell without an integrated protection circuit is an unstable technology and non-compliance with the given guidelines can, in some cases, cause severe, irreversible physical injuries and material damage such as the risk of explosion, burns, electrocution, etc.
Examples of use: Electronic cigarettes

IMR technology (Lithium manganese) is safer than Li-ion technology. Nevertheless, as with all accumulators, there are some safety precautions to be followed: do not open the battery, do not throw in the bin, follow the recycling procedure, do not burn or pierce, never solder directly on cells or short circuit, do not crush, charge with an appropriate charger and respect discharge currents.  

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