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Sealed lead acid: Lead Crystal

The lead crystal technology combines the best lead acid technologies with liquid and gel electrolytes. This sealed battery uses a new type of electrolyte: SiO2 non-corrosive acid. It crystallises over time and noticeably improves the product’s performance and technical specifications. It increases the battery’s life expectancy tenfold and is maintenance free.  Lead crystal batteries charge twice as fast as standard sealed lead acid batteries. These batteries are 99% recyclable and are classed as non-hazardous for freight transport.

Thus, lead crystal batteries can be used in applications such as UPS’, industrial systems, alarm systems and emergency lighting.

  This battery can function in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 65°C. Its normal service life is 18 to 20 years at 25°C, while its very low self-discharge rate means that it can be stored for two years without a top-up charge.  The number of charge cycles varies from 600 to 5000 based on the depth of discharge. It is made of 99% pure lead.



Sealed lead acid: Lead Crystal NX