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We offer a full range of torches to help you find the one that meets your needs: pocket torches, torches, lanterns, diving torches, floodlights and inspection lamps. We offer different lighting technologies such as krypton bulbs, LEDs or xenon bulbs.

Some models use disposable batteries while others come with a battery pack. The models with a battery pack are rechargeable via mains power, a cigarette lighter plug or USB port or induction. These models may be equipped with a charging and end-of-charge indicator. The battery technologies used are rechargeable lithium and NiMH. Extra features may be available for some models such as resistance to water, impact and bad weather; SOS feature (morse code), signalling feature (flashing red LEDs), strobe mode, adjustable light intensity, adjustable beam width, long beam range, suspension hook, a magnet which allows you to attach the lamp to any metallic surface, motion detector, intelligent automatic switch-on (in the event of a power cut), lightweight, shatterproof lens and more



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