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Unsleeved NiCd

A pack which is assembled in our workshop is assembled with bespoke components. This pack will include at the very least a rechargeable or non-rechargeable cell which could be accompanied by a connector, one or several wires and protective components. All of our packs are subject to electrical testing at the end of production and are built using spot welding in order to fully protect the performance of the cells in the pack. Entrust your assemblies to our team of knowledgeable professionals in order to optimise your battery pack’s life. If your application does not need insulation and is not at risk of short circuiting, the pack can be built without protection according to your need.

There are two options. Do you have an energy-related need? Send us your technical specifications detailing your needs (desired technology, assembly type, type of connector, the cells you want in the pack, size, voltage, terminals, the pack's electrical and mechanical protection etc), and Enix Energies will offer your suitable and adequate solutions. Would you like to purchase an existing pack? You can send us the pack you want or photos of it.



Unsleeved NiCd NX

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